5 ways to make your Marriage forever


After conducting a survey on long lasting marriages we have come up with 5 ways to help you keep a healthy,trustworthy marriage. Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse. Millions of tiny moments that create your love story.



You make think the term ‘find time for each other’ is cliched and obvious, but couples ended up being stunned. After weeks and weeks of market research couples sou;ld often come back with answers such as “we can’t find time for each other as we have to either take care of the kids or go out to work.” No matter the IQ of an adult they sometimes forget the fundamentals of why they got married in the first place: The love you felt for each other when you first met. Finding time for each other is essential, the fascinating moments of your first dates have to be rekindled and cherished, which will often take away stress which develops in every relationship.


This is highly important, you have to remember that within your marriage you’re a team and best friends! People are sometimes more obliged to do things for their best friend/sibling that they wouldn’t usually do for their husbands/wives! Arguments are sometimes healthy in a marriage, they get secrets and problems off one anthers chests. At the end of the arguments/disagreements you both must come off with solutions to the problems. One of you may not like the outcome or what the other is saying but you must swallow your pride and find a compromise if you truly are willing for your marriage to work.

3) SEX:-

Depending on the person their sex drive will differ, this is something you figured out before you both took to the stand! Sex is also extremely important in keeping a healthy marriage, its also known to release tension and stress. Its vital to find time for each other to keep up the intimacy levels. Touch, feeling, love and affection should not be neglected once married.


A lot of divorces happen due to one or the other being unhappy in their marriage. If you do not find happiness with your partner you will seek it elsewhere, its only natural. You must find the time to have happy moments with each other, even if its something as trivial as sitting down and watch your favorite  T.V. shows together.

5) LOVE:-

Last but certainly not least, this is something we have to imp,meant into our marriages strong point. Is the love still there? Without love the above strong points can become meaningless; couples are often led astray if the fundamental reason you married each other in the first place no loner exists. Love!!

Please give us time as we will be setting up an online help desk to implement guidance on married Couples!!

Good Luck :-)

source:-http://marriagewish.blogspot.co.uk/ post by:-(Sky teller)



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